Pulse Sound and Vision build and maintain TV distribution systems for CV equipment with integrated screens. Design and install music, PA , Aerobics, Spin and Aqua systems. As well as install, service and maintain every headphone entertainment system in use today.

Personal Viewing Screens are everywhere with all equipment manufactures offering a range with integrated screens. This allows clubs to offer members a wide viewing choice and can include music and radio.

Personal Viewing Screens do require a distributed TV network. This means an aerial cable to each machine with a screen. Any CV machine with Personal Viewing Screen may also need mains power. Of course, inbuilt screens do allow you to place CV around the perimeter of the room which does help with cables and their containment.

The more traditional row of screens mounted at the front of the gym theater style still has its followers. Wireless headphone systems do mean a simpler installation process, and impact when you walk into the fitness suite.

Manufacturers such as Audeon, Cardio Theatre and Mye offer wireless entertainment systems that mean cables can be avoided.

We have over 20 years experience with all these systems and are able to offer the best independent advice, installation and service of wired or wireless entertainment.

Background music and P.A. systems 

Music is the one thing a gym can't be without. The right music is a motivator and helps create the atmosphere you want for your club. You can find more details here

From a single zone system specifically for the gym or a system that allows you to share the same audio throughout your entire club, we can design systems to fully fit requirement.

Public address allows you to make announcements over your loudspeaker system typically playing music at all other times. Our systems will mute the music while you deliver your message and slowly return the music to its original level.

We are always happy to offer advice and help you achieve the right solution for your venue. Contact us here

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