ADTRAXION is a complete digital media management solution that enables information, products, services and facilities to be displayed or demonstrated to gain maximum impact. The system includes powerful content management software and media players. Connected displays all over your premises can be controlled from a single point over any TCP/IP network to provide maximum visual impact.

The system can be expanded to suit almost any requirement, no matter how big or small. In addition, you have the choice of dynamically displaying your advertisements, promotions, images, video and multimedia, either individually or collectively, at the right time in the right place and to the right people.

The OM, AM and AS are robust and high performance players from
Adtraxion, specially developed for digital signage applications. The combination of dedicated soft and hardware makes these Adtraxion players a compact and highly reliable 24/7 system component.

The Adtraxion players offer higher standards of performance and still remain a low power consuming device. Another attractive power saving quality is applied when no active playlist is scheduled; the Adtraxion Player  automatically goes into idle mode and signals the display to turn off, adding further to lower power consumption.

Safe and secure 
With the high level network security and the extensive monitoring capabilities you are always in control over your Adtraxion network. The security is supported through dedicated firewall settings, whereas the communication is encrypted and Adtraxion makes use of a propriety protocol. These features will secure safe communication and prevent unauthorized network access.

Adtraxion is a sound investment that facilitates revenue generation through services like advertising and point-of-sale interactivity.  All in all, it can really help make the difference.

Adtraxion Om Player

The Om Player offers unique features and advanced technology to allow easy, all-in-one integration for a wide range of digital signage applications.
• Intel ® OPS compliant - Effectively lowers deployment and field maintenance costs and simplifies installation significantly.
• One minute installation - Can be easily slid into OPS-compliant displays, without the necessity of any power and video cabling.
• Superior graphics performance - Integrated NVIDIA GT218 (ION2) graphic module for Full HD playback.
• Robust & reliable - Adtraxion offers a standard warranty of four years.
• Low power consumption design - Consumes an average of less than 20W of power and automatically switches to a low power mode when no playlist is active.


  • 24/7 operation
  • Robust and reliable
  • Standard 4 year warranty
  • Full HD playback
  • Low power consumption
  • Slot-in integration
  • Supports many content formats
  • Wi-Fi


Adtraxion AM Player

The AM player from Adtraxion and offers a dedicated digital signage playback device, with unique benefits. The Adtraxion AM Player is a key component in the Adtraxion digital signage solution. Through its high level of performance and low power consumption, the AM player is capable of fulfilling the most demanding digital signage needs. Adtraxion also supports the widest number of image and video formats as well as powerpoint, Flash, RSS feeds Live TV and Streaming content 

The Adtraxion Am Player allows easy plug & play installation. It can be mounted quickly and in a professional way. Due its low-profile design, you can mount the Adtraxion Am Player almost behind any wall mount. After that, simply connect the Player to your network (via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable) your display (VGA, HDMI or DVI) and a power source.

•24/7 operation
•Robust and reliable
Standard 4 year warranty
•Full HD playback
•Low power consumption
•Compact, low-profile design
•Supports many content formats

•Dimensions: (W x H x D): 220mm x 44,2 mm x 150 mm
•Weight: 1.7 kg
•Video Output: HDMI, VGA, DVI-D
•Mediaformats: video, audio, images, animations, streaming, text, RSS, URL/WEB.

Adtraxion AS Player

The As Player is a robust and reliable digital signage player. Its fan-less design is ideal for users who require a compact and rugged platform for entry-level digital signage applications.

The Adtraxion As Player is an industrial grade digital signage Player. It support a variety of different content types, including (hd-ready) video, images, texts, RSS feeds, webcontent, PowerPoint presentations, videostreaming, Flash and audio. Ideal for users that need industrial strength for entry-level digital signage applications.

The Adtraxion As Player allows easy plug & play installation. It can be mounted quickly and in a professional way. Due its ultra compact and VESA-mountable design you can mount the Adtraxion As Player behind any display. After that, simply connect the Player to your network (via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable) your display (VGA) and a power source.

•24/7 operation
•Robust and reliable
Standard 4 year warranty
•Fanless design
•Low power consumption
•Ultra compact size
•VESA mountable
•Support many content formats

•Dimensions: (W x H x D): 133.8 mm x 43.1 mm x 94.2 mm
•Weight: 0.7 kg
•Video Output: VGA
•Mediaformats: video, audio, images, animations, streaming, text, RSS, URL/WEB.


Adtraxion Manager
The Adtraxion Manager in combination with the Adtraxion Players is the core element of the Adtraxion Digital Signage Solution. The Manager is a very simple and user-friendly software package to create play out sequences, scheduling, distribution and monitoring to the players.

The Adtraxion Manager offers solutions from a single user environment to a fully multi user, and multi location environment.

The Adtraxion system can be centrally managed from a single location/person but the extensive user right settings also allow multiple users to take limited or full control of the system.

Adtraxion Data
The Adtraxion Data module enables you to insert ‘live’ data from a database or other link into a playback sequence. This enables you to include items like the latest news or up-to-the-minute stock or price information from the internet or a database, adding to the relevance and interest value of the displays.

Adtraxion Break

A special module that allows you to interrupt a running schedule and show different content. Also you can change text fields on the fly by simple enter new text and push a button which updates the displayed content. This could be very useful for instance in a reception application

You can create your own graphic interfaces to match your house style. Graphics, pictures can be easily imported. Buttons can be freely placed in any size and position. Graphics can be assigned to a button to create intuitive operation.

The Adtraxion break has a fully graphical interface which can be tailored to the needs of the customer/application.

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