Music4U is the perfect music service for health clubs and businesses alike

It gives you access to over 75,000 ‘Original Artist’ tracks from day one. The music can easily be set to change throughout the day as your clients change.

With a range of ready to go music profiles Music4U does it all for you. A health club can have great up tempo music right through the day which then steps up to play the latest club and dance anthems in the evening when the gym is at its busiest.

More general areas such as the cafe, retail and change areas have quite a different requirement and this is also just as easily catered for with Music4U

You can can use your own internet enabled PC to run the software if you wish but it will need to be connected to your audio system.

Music4U is the UK's longest running music provider who have been supplying businesses like yours for over 30 years. Every second of that experience was used in the design of this product. There is an option to meet every need and to suit every budget.

Clients include: five-star hotels, premiership football clubs, health clubs, well-known retailers, restaurants, banks, golf clubs, ice rinks and many more.

The Benefits

  • Complete flexibility: from 'set and forget' to total control and everything in-between

  • 'Default' profiles and 'Current' playlists offer assistance with building and maintaining appropriate music selections - ensure that the current chart is always up to date

  • Total simplicity if required: we can send a pre-programmed player for instant connection

  • Array of hardware options: purchase a new player or use your existing PC, laptop or EPOS/till system

  • Can be playing within 15 minutes of sign-up! * Easily vary the music throughout the day according to customer changes

  • Grouping of sites allows segmentation by brand, region or customer demographic; alternatively whole estates can share a common profile

  • Advertising is quick and simple to set up and manage

  • Messaging capability - last orders etc.

  • Track history visible from any Internet-connected PC via secure login

  • Video/visual capability * Vast selection of music - access to over 75,000 tracks from the first day

  • Pre-programme seasonal music variations and advertising campaigns to start and stop on certain dates

  • Regular music updates ensure your music stays current

  • Range of price-plans and payment options

  • Range of contract durations - from one month to five years

  • Control can be devolved to a third-party, such as a marketing agency, if required

  • Advertising compliance demonstrable from any Internet-connectedPC

Advertising and messages within an audio management service

Audio point of sale advertising is an exceptionally powerful medium. Customers are already in your premises and have established a propensity to buy.

Your challenge is to direct them to your most profitable and attractive offers. Music4U are happy to advise you on creative content, introduce you to an appropriate advertising agency or work with an agency of your choosing.

Please contact for further information on Music4U