LED lighting is a great way to create an amazing studio experience for each and every type of class and a very special feeling to treatment rooms.

Click on the images above to see a short video of the systems is action

Pulse Sound and Vision provide full installation of LED lighting technology that offers extremely usable light output levels and low power consumption making it ideal for today's energy conscious society.

By keeping to simple white walls you allow the lighting to work to its best effect as seen in the images here. The exclusion of as much ambient light as possible will give far stronger lighting effects throughout the day.

By utilising sound to light control your lighting system is able to track the beat of the music creating the most dynamic classes your members will love every time.

      Flat PAR LED fittings are perfect for wall washing from a distance.
For example. In a Spin Studio lighting the wall behind as well as lighting the instructor 2 or 3 of these do a great job, one either side for wall wash and one for the lead bike.

   LED bar fitting are able to spread light over a wide area and we like to use them for ceiling wash. Mounted at high level they throw light right across the whole ceiling creating an immersive experience for the class. The whole area above them it pulsing in colour to the tempo of the music.

   For smaller spaces such as therapy and treatment rooms LED tape is a simple and effective way to introduce that special aura for a very special treatment experience by allowing you to select any colour of the Chakra.

    Its also a beautiful way to use light as a feature in areas of the home

With a useful RF remote control these systems offer a range of features and come with a number of standard pre-set programs such as colour jump change, flashing and fade options.